5 September 2012

Being Your Childlike Self

I am always trying to be so adultlike. Put together. In control. The woman with a plan. I am sure I am not alone in this "let's have it together and keep it together" mindset of our generation. The whole "we determine our destiny" nonsense. Well I've bought into that so much lately. 

Jesus was pretty radical. He always took the "way of thinking" and flipped it completely upside down. 

He is flipping me upside down right now. I am finding that all my efforts (even nobel ones) are getting me nowhere. My attempts seem so silly after being reminded of God's truth. See, I keep running into walls. It is like Jesus is getting my attention saying, "Mary, sweetheart, give it up. You were never meant to run your life. Relax and let me take over." I'm thankful for the walls I keep running into now. Jesus is saying, "I'll get you where I want you to go, in my time, and at my pace." 

He wants me to grow up. 

He just has another way of doing it.

Jesus tells us to become like little children. 
"I tell you the truth, unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of heaven. So anyone who becomes as humble as this little child is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven."Matthew 18:3-4
Children are weak and dependent. 
Children are trusting by nature. 
Children are teachable. 

Childlike Faith is:
  • the wonder and awe of Christ
  • complete trust and hope that Jesus loves us and will lead us 
  • helps us see the world as an adventure 
  • life is exciting and never dull 
  • keeps us humble and teachable

I desire to be teachable. To let go of the reigns. To believe 100% that God has my best interest at heart. 
I have no reason whatsoever to not trust Him completely with my life. 

I think right now is the appropriate time to let out a loud HALLELUJAH! This means I no longer have to be in control. I do not have to 'plan' my future.  I can let go of worry and fear. He commands us to not worry to begin with. I can just walk with Jesus daily. When I keep in step with Him I am led to where He has planned for me to go, and let's face it, that plan is way cooler than mine!

Whew! Some pressure feels off. I can just be. Enjoy right here. Right where I am. 

I must remain humble like a child. 
I must be teachable. 
I must let go of my plans.
We all must. 

I think it is time we become like little children again.

Mary desires to make Jesus famous and speaks passionately about His hand on her life. She also loves her husband, James and educating others about healthy food choices through her work as a Dietitian. With Mary, what you see if what you get and we LOVE that! Check out her blog here.


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